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About Us

Quandary was created by an award-winning team of experts across the fields of child development, social and emotional learning, and game design.

The idea for Quandary started with Shelly London, while an inaugural fellow in the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative, a program for senior leaders who want to go from their primary careers to a life of service. To create this first-of-its-kind game, she brought together a team of experts.

Scholars from Harvard and Tufts devised a prototype that was tested for viability, led by Marina Bers.

Led by Creative Director and Game Designer, Scot Osterweil, designers at Learning Games Network (LGN), a nonprofit spinoff of the MIT Education Arcade then refined the game.

Peter Stidwill, serving as LGN’s Executive Producer, worked with FableVision, an award-winning storytelling, digital media production and learning company, to bring the game to life.

From the beginning, the goal of Quandary was to make sure it did what it set out to do. Ashley Sandvi, one of the original Harvard scholars, worked with Dr. Lacey Hilliard, Research Assistant Professor at the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University, to develop the research plans behind Quandary. Since then, several research studies have been conducted, validating Quandary’s effectiveness in the classroom.

Today, Learning Games Network, with Shannon Frederick Meneses as Executive Producer, is leading the creation of the Quandary mobile app and new website with FableVision.

For a full list of credits visit here.