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Intro to Quandary Curriculum

Quandary uses engaging storylines, gameplay, illustration, and characters to provide a framework for how to approach ethical decision-making without telling players what to think. Students will consider facts, opinions, and solutions in order to make decisions that challenge and develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, perspective-taking, and other literacy and life skills.

Quandary Essentials

Our essential game support materials include a four-part lesson package complete with discussions and activities that cover: ethical problem solving, digital literacy, leadership/decision-making, and perspective taking.

Subject Based Curriculum Guides

Project Based Learning

Although the game’s setting is a futuristic space colony, the genuinely tough situations that students encounter are translatable to their real lives. We have provided additional materials for student-led activities that apply Quandary tenets to real-life quandaries in order to deepen students’ empathy, problem-solving, perspective-taking and critical thinking skills.

Standards Mapping